Use of the Marina

The following arrangements for use of the Soldiers Point Marina facilities by PSYC members on race days was made with the Manager of Soldiers Point Marina, Darrell Barnett and with the agreement of the owner, Mr Jeff d’Albora.

It must be remembered that first and foremost, the Marina is a commercial operation and that payment is generally required for the services they provide, however, there is no problem with PSYC vessels using the Marina on race days provided that we do so in accordance with the following and under the normal terms of a public wharf:

  1. Berthing is subject to availability of space, with priority being given to marina tenants and paying customers. Please Note: Berths other than C Arm T-Berth and G46 need approval even if they look vacant – if in doubt call 02 4982 7445 and seek advice.
  2. Berthing is for short term, casual use to load and /unload passengers or goods. Maximum stay is one hour, unless by personal arrangement with the Marina Manager.
  3. Vessels must not be left unoccupied at any time within the hour stay.
  4. If power and water is required, then a token payment (typically $5.00) shall be made at the Marina office.
  5. Normal courtesy applies – make room for other vessels and assist with line handling if required.

This arrangement has been in place for many years and has been of great benefit to our Club Members so please do not abuse or upset it!

The above arrangements should suit the majority of PSYC yacht owners and rely on your goodwill and common sense to make them work.