Use of the Marina

The following arrangements for the use of Soldiers Point Marina berthing by PSYC members has been agreed by the marina manager, Darrell Barnett:

It must be remembered that first and foremost, the marina is a commercial operation and that payment is required for the services they provide, however, there is an understanding currently in place for PSYC members on race days to occupy a marina berth for a short time at no charge subject to the following conditions:

  • Berthing is subject to availability of space, with priority being given to marina paying guests and tenants. Berthing will generally be acceptable on the end of C arm T-Berth (C22/C25) and G46 T-Berth and if there are no ropes present in these areas (or evidence of an occupying vessel) members can tie up here without calling ahead or prior approval (if in doubt call the marina anytime on 02 4982 7445). Any other marina berth must be approved by the manger or managers representative prior to and each time you wish to occupy even if they look vacant or you used the berth the previous day.
  • During the period 20th December till 28th January or Sail Port Stephens week all members must seek approval even for a drop off by calling the marina on 02 4982 7445 without exception. If the marina looks busy – call
  • Berthing is for short term, casual use to load and unload passengers only. Maximum stay is one hour unless prior approval has been arranged with the marina manager.
  • Vessels must not be left unoccupied at any time within the one hour stay unless prior approve has been arranged with the marina manager.
  • If power and/or water is required, there is a minimum payment required (typically $5-$10 dollars) which shall be made to the marina office prior to use.
  • Normal courtesy applies – make room for other vessels and assist with handing of lines etc.

Soldiers Point Marina reserves the right to exclude any vessel or member from access to the marina if the above terms are not followed!!!

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