Club Moorings

PSYC Mooring Policy as at 1st of June 2020. We maintain three moorings which are available only to Boat Owning Members.

Long Term Club Moorings

The Club maintains two Long Term Moorings which are located between the marina and the island. To be eligible to occupy either of these moorings, you will have been a club member for a minimum of two months. Moorings are not for the use of Social Members. An exception to the two-month rule may apply if a new Boat Owner Member participates in three Club Races prior to entering into an agreement to rent a mooring.

Occupiers of the permanent moorings are to enter into our Mooring Hire Agreement (copy of agreement is available via the link below). The Occupier must show evidence that he/she has Public Liability Insurance of at least 5 million dollars.

Mooring fees are to be paid 3 months in advance. A register of persons occupying or wishing to occupy a permanent mooring is kept by the Club Captain. Please refer to the Club Captain for the current fees, which may be reviewed annually.

Club moorings - Social & Competitive Sailing Club - Port Stephens Yacht Club
Use of the Marina - Port Stephens Yacht Club
Club moorings - Social & Competitive Sailing Club - Port Stephens Yacht Club
Club Moorings - Social & Competitive Sailing Club - Port Stephens Yacht Club

Social Mooring

The Social Mooring is located between the Soldiers Point Marina and the Boat Launching Ramp.

Maximum stay on the Social Mooring is to be 23 hours. Unless prior arrangement has been made with either the Vice Commodore or the Club Captain.

A boat owner member may invite a non-member to raft up alongside his yacht whilst attached to the Social Mooring. But the guest must remove his yacht when the Member vacates the mooring.