Equipment Audit

All yachts must have a current Audit Certificate to participate in club racing.

Yachts intending to race with the club must hold a current Equipment Audit certificate. To arrange an inspection, contact one of following authorised auditors.

Please make sure that you have done everything to ensure that all of your safety equipment is in place and up-to-date.

Please make sure that you turn up at the agreed time and that your boat is tidy to make the inspection as easy as possible.

Also note that if you do not have a current audit certificate by September the 30th of each year, then you will not be eligible to race.

Make sure you download the appropriate form for the category of Audit Form for the category that you wish to race under. Complete the form and have it with your series entry form and a copy of your insurance policy ready to give to the auditor.

Australian Sailing - Equipment Audit - Port Stephens Yacht Club

Equipment Auditors

Keith Albury
Mobile: 0418 231 149

John Coonerty
Mobile: 0466 358 566

Greg Cumberland
Mobile: 0428 292 108

John Humphreys
Mobile: 0438 157 868

Rick Pacey
Mobile: 0417 544 230

Andrew Parsons
Mobile: 0418 421 658

James Quinn
Mobile: 0412 886 280

Deb Wellwood
Mobile: 0400 193 461