Introducing SailPASS at PSYC

SailPASS is a means by which a person who is not a member of an Australian Sailing (AS) affiliated club can go sailing at PSYC – it’s a form of day membership

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Why do we need Sail Pass (day membership)?

It is best practice to know who is on the water racing as Clubs have a duty of care for those partaking in the races they organise.  To this end AS has paved the way for clubs to have an easy-to-use tool to manage the process thus mitigating some of the risks involved in club racing.

Also, the changes to Rule 46 of the Racing Rules of Sailing dictates that non-members must obtain a Sail Pass:

From 1st January 2022, all persons on board a boat while racing shall be members of a Club affiliated to Australian Sailing and have an Australian Sailing number, or hold a valid Sail Pass, or if an international competitor, be a member of club affiliated to a World Sailing recognised Member National Authority.

Having a Sail Pass allows casual and introductory sailors be members of a club is not too different to registering entry for another sport (e.g. casual golf, casual gym class etc); or signing on and off as dinghy sailors do.  It also brings sailing into line with other sports in that all competitors are registered.

So what will be different?

Until now, skippers have been able to invite non-members to race anytime and the only concern has been that after three (3) races they either decide to continue sailing and become members of PSYC or don’t sail.

With Sail Pass in place more choices are available to the new recruit.

  • If they are not a current member of an AS affiliated Club with an active AS number they will need to obtain a Sail Pass for their very first sail (nb free for the first three (3) Sail Passes at PSYC).
  • After the first three sails if they are still not decided whether to take up sailing and become a full member then they have the option of purchasing a Sail Pass for any subsequent days they would like to race at ten dollars ($10) per sailing day.
  • If they are already a member of an AS affiliated club then there is nothing to do but head out for a great day on the water.

Ten dollars is still a cheap day out on the water! (certainly cheaper than buying or hiring a boat!!!)

Benefits to the temporary member

  • It provides membership to PSYC for the day of the Sail Pass
  • It comes with personal injury insurance which they would otherwise not have for the day they are sailing (details can be found here)
  • They will receive correspondence (similarly to other members) informing of upcoming events etc enabling them to engage with the Club whenever they want
  • It offers a flexible introduction to sailing at clubs for people new to the sport
  • It offers safe, quick, easy and affordable access to sailing
  • Technology – it’s mobile friendly & integrated

Benefits to the Club

  • Sail Pass breaks down the perceived barriers to sailing – sailing is expensive and inaccessible.
  • It is a simple way to get more people, having fun in boats and connecting with our club.
  • It has potential to target new markets and offers you a marketing database
  • It improves the Club’s risk management and ticks a number of compliance boxes
  • Addresses the use of the Club by non-members
  • Typically, over time Sail Pass has been an effective tool to increase club membership numbers.

So how can new crew get a Sail Pass?

In theory it is as simple as clicking the button and following the prompts.  You may have noticed the logo is now on the homepage of the Club’s website, so it is quick and easy to access or click SailPASS logo now.

Peta Oliver will be conducting some training, likely online and at the Club (COVID permitting) during October so there is no need to be an expert on it just yet.  Date(s) will be emailed out in well in advance.

SailPASS logo
Click to get your sailPASS

What if I’ve paid for Sail Passes but later decide to join the Club?

No problem, any payments for Sail Passes go directly to PSYC and hence towards membership fees for that same membership year.  Fill in a new membership application and forward to the Membership Officer.  The Membership Officer will then invoice you for the remainder of the fees owing.

Why now?

PSYC is introducing Sail Pass now so that by January all members have had the opportunity to learn how it works and will be able to provide guidance to new sailors.

This information will be posted on the website so you can refer to it at any time.  It will be under the Sailing menu.  The Board wants all members to be supported as we transition to the Sail Pass system.  So please keep an eye on your emails for information about the upcoming training.