Sailing Programme

Sailing Programme Suspended – 15 September Update

The NSW Gov advice remains in place that Port Stephens is to remain in lockdown at this time. Unfortunately this means that in line with current state guidelines the sailing program at PSYC remains suspended until a definitive date or advice is provided by appropriate authorities. Of even more concern was that in areas of NSW not in lockdown organised sport is not permitted. This suggests that our organised Sailing Programme is likely to be not possible for some time yet. 

Following our Race Committee Meeting last night, the plan is to release a Spring Programme that incorporates an as usual Wednesday Series and a limited Saturday COVID Cup Series, likely combined start, no extras and 2 Divisions if more than 10 boats log on.

Stay tuned for a NoR for the details.   I will attempt to keep you updated as things change and hopefully we can return to sailing events safely and ASAP. 

As always please refer to the NSW Gov website for definitive advice as my advice is not authoritative. 

Rick Pacey
Vice commodore

Sailing programme - Social & Competitive Sailing Club - Port Stephens Yacht Club