How to Activate Your Members' Content Login

The website software requires all users to have a unique email address.  What this means is that if you are a family that all use the one email address then only one member login can be created.  As the user data will be loaded from RevSport, the PSYC’s management software you may wish to revise contact details here:  As requested by the PSYC Board, no personal details will be displayed anywhere on the website at this time.   

The following is a description of the process that will enable your Members’ Only access.

1.  At least 24 hours prior to loading the member data to the website you will receive an email from PSYC advising you that the process is about to be run.

2.  When the load process is run you will be notified by an email.  It will have the subject: “Your Members Login at PSYC is now active”
The sender will be: “[email protected]; on behalf of Port Stephens Yacht Club [email protected]”.
It will look similar to the Figure 1 below.  The orange text represents placeholders for your details. 

Activation email
Figure 1. Account Active Email

3.  Click the “Click here to set your password” link in the email and it should open the website page shown in Figure 2.  If it does not automatically open your web browser then you can open it manually and paste in the URL

Step 2
Figure 2. Recover Password Message

Enter either the username or email address from the email that was sent to you (Figure 1) and click the RESET PASSWOD button.  The page will display the message shown in Figure 3.

Step 3
Figure 3. Recover Password Message

Although you should receive the email within minutes, please allow up to an hour for delivery.  If it does not arrive, please email, [email protected] and allow 24 hours for a response.

4.  Your confirmation email will look similar to Figure 4 below.

Confirmation email
Figure 4. Confirmation Email

Click the link at the bottom of the email to confirm your password setup or copy and paste the clink into your web browser.

5.  When the Recover password page as shown in Figure 5 opens type in a password of at least 6 characters. It is strongly recommended that you include a mixture of lowercase characters, uppercase characters and digits. 

Step 4
Figure 5. Enter Password

6.  When you click the RESET PASSWORD button a message will appear:
“Your password has been updated, you will automatically be redirected to the login page.”

7.  The login page as shown in Figure 6 should open. If not, you can go to and look under the “Members” menu item at the top far right of the home page.

Step 6
Figure 6. Login Page

Use either your email address or username to login with the password you have just created.

At this stage there is minimal content, but this will be added to as the Board continues to define suitable content.  If you have suggestions for content; contact a board member.