Skippers Meeting Notes

Notes from  PSYC Skippers Meeting 18/8/2020
(18 members in attendance)
1. A rules night to be organised
2. Members to be encouraged to undertake on-line Australian Sailing courses
3. Handicapping software not providing optimum race results. Further investigation required
re this matter
4. Discussion re Whats App usage becoming too “Blokey”. No general agreement.
5. Clive Jones has taken the position of Club Training Officer, but as yet no performance brief
for this position is in place.
6. Paperwork relating to insurance, entry form and safety audit, is required by 31 August for
the upcoming sailing season
7. Strategic Planning for the club is proceeding with members accepting key roles
8. “No Extras” discussion – majority want spinnaker use in upcoming spring season.
9. Visiting crew are not permitted to sail in club events if travelling from current “hot spots”
or from areas south of the Hawkesbury River as per current A.S. requirements. Common
sense and 2 weeks abstinence required here.
10. September 11 has been nominated for the Presentation. The format for the presentation
still to be decided depending on current A.S. covid requirements at the time.
11. Updated course sheets will be in place for the upcoming Spring Season.

12. Sailing Programme – desirable to have a pointscore race every second Saturday / maybe
2 races to Newcastle each year with eligibility based on NYC criteria for length and weight
/ possibility of running a night race?
13. Friday Night Twilight Races- discussion re Friday night being the best night for twilight
racing given boats will be out again on the following day. Consensus was to continue with
Friday racing.
14. To further encourage female sailing involvement, consensus was to run a “Female Crew
Series” in parallel with the current Saturday series
15. Two Divisions – It would appear Division 2 will have sufficient boats to warrant retention
for the upcoming season. Skippers to nominate which division they will compete in.
16. The issue of “stooging” on the start line in sternchasers before the allocated boat start
time to be taken up in the next edition of the Bilge. Suggested that if port/starboard issues
arise under these circumstances, a protest should be pursued.
17. A request was made for a separate NOR for Wednesday Sternchaser events. This issue to
be further investigated.

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