Race Committee Notes

PSYC Race Committee Minutes 14th January, 2021

In  Attendance:  Rick Pacey, Roger Yeo, Heather Atkins, Ken Peachey, John Humphreys, Julian Bell, Michael Kirby ( via Zoom )


  1. Further discussion relating to the organisation of the Club Racing Year and sailing seasons. The outcome being as follows:
  • The Club Racing Year to commence 1 st September to bring the Club Year into alignment with the start of the Spring Season, updating of audits / insurance verification, submission of entry form for the upcoming year, and payment of membership fees.
  • Saturday pointscore Racing Series to be conducted over three seasons as follows:
    Spring: September to December,  Summer: January to April and Winter: May to August.
  • Wednesday afternoon racing to be conducted over four seasons as follows:- Spring:- September to November, Summer:- December to February, Autumn:- March to May and Winter:- June to August. The Winter season to be sailed as a combined fleet series.
  1. Contrary to the last meeting minutes, the Commodores Trophy to be sailed as a combined fleet series. The results of races sailed 5/10/19 and 18/1/20 to be included in this years results.
  2. The Commodores Trophy to be conducted with one drop for every four races sailed.
  3. The use of Auto Helm confirmed for single handed and double handed sailing – to be included in Sailing Instructions.
  4. Scoring for the Women’s Race Series to be on the basis of the number of boats racing on the day, with first place points being the number of boats logged on for the series on the day.


  1. The Club to encourage more members to undertake the Australian Sailing Race Officers Course.
  2. Ric Pacey to draft a NOR for Wednesday Racing for consideration by the Race Committee.
  3. Discussion relating to the progress of the committee in the selection of a Handicap software system to replace Sail 100. Good progress has been made looking at the operation of the two shortlisted products and hopefully a decision will be in place within a couple of months.
  4. Better use of electronic medium to advise programme changes / start time changes / NOR changes etc in parallel with advice and posting on the club website. WhatApp considered to have the best potential to achieve this objective.
  5. Saturday race results to be checked by a Race Committee member prior to the presentation and publishing on the website.
  6. Future Race Committee meetings to be held either Mondays or Tuesdays at 4.00 pm.
  7. Organisation of an Australia Day Regatta to be considered for 2022, possibly starting off Nelson Bay.

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