Race Committee Notes

PSYC Race Committee Meeting 21st August 2020

Attendees: Rick Pacey, Roger Yeo, Heather Atkins, Ken Peachey, John Humphreys

Continued attention to be given to appropriate use of club Whats App

Prolonged discussion relating to alignment of the Wednesday Twilight seasons with the Saturday racing seasons and bringing forward the start of the club racing year to 1 May. Decisions coming out of this discussion were as follows:

  1. Club Racing Year to commence 1 May whilst retaining the date for Presentation Day as second half of June
  2. The seasons for Wednesday Afternoon racing to be further discussed at next meeting
  3. The Commodores Trophy for 2019 – 20 has been raced and decided over 2 days (Races 1 & 2 sailed on 05.10.2019, and Races 3 & 4 sailed on 18.01.2020 ) to align with May 1st start of the new sailing year 2020-2021.


The Commodores Trophy will be sailed over a 12 month season starting May 1st, with a combined fleet sailing during the Winter Season, and two divisions sailing over the Spring and Summer seasons.

Handicapping software to be the basis for combining the fleets at the start of the Winter season, and for separating the fleets at the start of the Spring season. The foregoing handicapping approach to be the procedure generally for bringing the fleets together for combined events.


  1. Handicapping software to oversee the change from “No Extras” to “Extras” sailing without manual adjustment.
  2. The basis for operation of the Female Participation series (Saturday racing) to be sorted with the input of Cheryl Stone and Peta Oliver.
  3. Upcoming Spring series Wednesday Afternoons to be organised as per previous Spring Series ie two divisions racing over the long course and the short course, utilising courses as per previous Spring series
  4. As the spreadsheet for the Winter Series Wednesday Twilights was based on boats “probably” going to participate (ie not based on entry form information), those boats which did not race during the series are to be removed from the spreadsheet prior to calculation of series placings.
  5. Sailing Programme for remainder of Club Year along with revised courses for both divisions to be issued before 1st September.
presentation day 2020 image