Club Training Programme 2021

The club has developed a Training Programme, aimed at covering a wide range of topics which should be of interest to members, so please put the following dates in your calendar.  More information will be provided closer to the time of each training session.

  • Fri 19th March:  Trivia Night Fundraiser – entry $10.00
  • Fri 7th May:        Sail Trim – Basics & more
  • Fri 4th June:       Racing to Win
  • Fri 9th July:        Basic Navigation
  • Fri 6th August:   Maintenance – Diesels, etc
  • Fri 3rd Sept:        NOR’s, SI’s & the Paperwork. Why, What & their importance
  • Fri 8th Oct:          Race Official Training
  • Fri 5th Nov:         Boat Handling Theory – Mooring, Anchoring and more
  • Fri 3rd Dec:         When things go wrong including Man Overboard (MOB) & Survival.


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