Aim of Pacrim

The aim of the Pacific Rim Yacht Challenge (Pacrim) is to bring together communities living around the Pacific Rim. It fosters friendship through the sport of sailing.

This is achieved via a regatta held between six countries. They share the common bond of being on the Pacific Ocean namely, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, Russia and North America.

Each country is represented by a yacht club and Port Stephens Yacht Club is proud to have been involved from Pacrim’s beginnings in 1990.

Held every 2 years

The regatta is held every two years. Each yacht club hosts the event on a rotational basis.

The next regatta is being held in New Zealand in March of this year.

Crews from each club sail as a team and aim to have two boats finishing ahead of the team whom they are competing against.  After four days of ‘round robin’ races, the club with the best overall result, is the winner.

More than sailing

This event is about more than just sailing. Visiting crews usually stay with friends and family of the host yacht club, ensuring that the visitors get a taste of family life in the host country.

There is always plenty of activities for non-sailing partners and friends who enjoy attending Pacrim. The host club organises tours to places of interest, entertainment and cultural events during the regatta.

For more information about the event or if you are interesting in participating, please call Bill Haskell on 0408 670 715.

Port Stephens Yacht Club
Port Stephens Yacht Club