At the Clubhouse

From the 1st of January 2021, everyone visiting the club must sign-in using the Service NSW QR code.
Our Covid Marshall will be on hand to help and please ensure that you do as directed by the Covid Marshall. Anyone from any designated 'Covid 'hot spot' will not be allowed to enter the club.

The changes are as follows:

Inside the club we will have one (1) person per 2 sqm (changed from 4 sqm) which doubles our current capacity, thus:

  1. Down stairs: tables & chairs to be re-configured to allow a maximum seating for  forty (40) persons.
  2. Up stairs: arrange as current but with maximum of sixty (60) persons must still be seated.  The balcony remains at twenty-five (25) persons standing.
  3. Outside the club maximum hundred (100) in all areas – standing now allowed.
  4. Members & guests  must sign-in using the QR code.


Please ensure that you help us adhere to our obligations to help keep you and our visitors safe. Failure to comply with regulations could result in serious fines or even closure of the club house.

Michael Kirby, Commodore
(phone: 0423 792 829)