Board Meeting News

The Board is keen for members to be kept informed about what is discussed so read on to see what was discussed at the most recent meetings.

Notes from the Board Meeting of 17th August 2020

  • The Club has received a Community grant of $1,000
  • The Board decided to introduce an annual Student Membership Fee of $100
  • The Board decided to send a letter to Council supporting the PSSAC in their application to retain the Club in Community Hands as a Sailing Club
  • Looking at the feasibility of upgrading the Club computer
  • To Arrange for Carl Webster from Australian Sailing to attend the Club to discuss Sail Pass and how it will affect our Club
  • Exit lights now in place upstairs
  • Loose guttering need repair on SW corner of building
  • The Club has received a Draft copy of a Lease from Council for the Club building and negotiation are in progress.