Board Meeting News

The Board is keen for members to be kept informed about what is discussed so read on to see what was discussed at the most recent meetings.

Board meeting 15th June 2020

  • The opening of the Club Premises on 1/7/20
  • Membership fees for 20/21 would remain the same as last year
  • Another Meeting with Council regarding the Lease on the Club to be arranged
  • The Vice Commodore provided an update on the Strategic Plan for the Club
  • The Vice Commodore discussed the Communication/ update of the Website
  • Presentation Day discussed – possibility on 5/9/20?
  • Breakout Regatta Budget/ Volunteers/ merchandise discussed
  • Roger Yeo has nominated to be PSYC representative on Australian Sailing NSW Executive Committee
  • Club Captain spoke about the entry/audit forms – refer to Website
  • Rear Commodore had broken sensor light repaired
  • Disabled access to Club now in place
  • On Saturdays it is planned to open the Club before the Race – check Website

Board meeting 18th May 2020

  • Flagstaff Marine at Soldiers Point have offered to provide a Tender Service to ferry crews to yachts moored at Soldiers Point.
  • Discussions with the Council are still ongoing about the Club Premises Lease.
  • A number of builders have been asked to provide quotes to bring the building up to standard for fire safety and wheel chair access.
  • New Club Burgees are available at $20 each.
  • A club mooring is now available for rent for boats up to 50 foot (interested members to contact Steve Plante).
  • Annual yacht Audits will take place in August / September.
  • Membership Fees for 2020 -21 will be the same as 2019 – 20. More detail on Website soon.
  • Four Club rounding marks have recently been serviced.
  • New Course sheets, Sailing Instructions and race documents for Winter will be available on the Website soon

John Townsend