Board Members

Commodore: Bill Haskell

Bill has held the position of  Commodore for many years and is also the clubs Licensee.  Bill sails regularly on Good Life II.

Phone 0408 670 715

Vice Commodore

The position of Vice Commodore is currently vacant.

Rear Commodore:  David Simm

David as Rear Commodore responsible for the maintenance of the club premises.  David is also owner / skipper of ‘Chilli’.

Phone: 0412 682 167

Club Captain: Position Vacant

Treasurer: Ann Evans

Ann is the clubs Honorary Treasurer and brings many years of experience both as a Chartered Accountant and as Treasurer of several other not-for-profit organisations.

Phone: 0438 295 246

Race Officer: Ken Peachey

As Race Officer, Ken is responsible for managing ‘SAIL 100’, the clubs race management system including the on going review of handicaps and the production of race results.
Ken is owner / skipper of ‘Una Vita’and a member of the Race Committee.

Phone 0413 651 369


This position is currently vacant

Director: Steve Plante

Steve is one of the two non-executive Directors on the Board.  Steve and wife Judy moved up to Port Stephens just in 2016 having retired in Sydney.

Steve has been sailing competitively since 2000 and is owner / skipper of ‘Twitcher’.

Phone 0477 417 968

Director: Michael Kirby

Michael is one of the two non-executive Directors brings valuable experience to the Board particular with his extensive knowledge of real estate and property matters.

Micheal is owner / skipper of ‘She’s The One’.

Phone: 0423 792 829