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Sailing: Sat.20th May     Pointscore 2/9


Wed. Twilight race:

Long Start-times HERE

Short Start-times HERE

Note: change of course for May:

Start - GR(P) - WC(P) - GR(P) - SAL(P) - WC(P) - FINISH

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Spring-Summer Programme 2016 HERE

Winter Programme 2017 HERE



Board Meeting

24th April 2017 at 5.00 pm





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 Results Updated to 22nd July, 2017

WINTER 2017 

Century 21 Paradise Waters Winter Pointscore


Commodores Cup

SUMMER 2016-17

PSYC Club Championship 

Spring Pointscore

Summer Pointscore


Christmas Series


Max & Edna Berman Trophy     Jack Holman Trophy


Offshore Island Series

Alternate Inshore Series

Wednesday Long Summer     Wednesday Short Summer

Wednesday Long Spring        Wednesday Short Spring

Easter 2017

Wednesday Short Autumn      Wednesday Long Autumn


WINTER 2016 

Results Updated to 31st August, 2016

Wednesday Winter Twilights

  Wednesday Autumn Short Twilights 

 Wednesday Autumn Long Twilights

 Commodores Cup

 Winter Pointscore

 Winter Sternchaser

 Winter Twilights

 SUMMER 2015-16

Results Updated to 23rd April, 2016

Spring Pointscore  

Summer Pointscore

Club Championship

     Christmas Series




Marathon Trophy

Offshore Event

Alternate Inshore Events

Alternate Inshore Event 2

Anniversary Teams Regatta

Jack Holman Trophy

Max & Edna Berman Trophy

Wednesday Short Series

Wednesday Long Series


Results Updated to 29th August, 2015

Winter Pointscore

Winter Sternchaser 

Winter Twilights


SUMMER 2014-15

Results Updated to 25th April, 2015

Spring Pointscore

Summer Pointscore  For Individual Race Results See Club Championship

Club Championship

Summer Sternchaser


Christmas Series


Jack Holman Trophy

Max & Edna Berman Trophy

Easter Cruise

Offshore Island Races

Inshore Race 1

Inshore Race 2

 Wednesday Long Course Spring

Wednesday Short Course Spring

Wednesday Long Course Summer

Wednesday Short Course Summer

Sail Port Stephens Cruise


 WINTER 2014

Results Updated to 30th August, 2014

Winter Pointscore

Winter Sternchaser

Wednesday Winter Twilight


SUMMER 2013-14

Results Updated to 30th April, 2014

Spring Pointscore        Summer Pointscore     Club Championship

Summer Sternchaser    Sprints

Inshore Series           Offshore Series

Marathon                   Christmas Series    

Jack Hollman             Max & Edna Berman   

Anniversary Teams Regatta

Wednesday Short Course Spring    Wednesday Long Course Spring

Wednesday Short Course Summer

Wednesday Long Course Summer

Wednesday Short Course Autumn

Wednesday Long Course Autumn

SPS Sternchaser


Results updated 6th November,2013

Winter Pointscore             Winter Sternchaser

Winter Ice Twilight         Short Winter Twilight      


SUMMER 2012-13

Results updated to: 17 April 2013

Handicaps at start of Spring 2012-13

Handicaps at start of Summer 2012-13 

Spring Pointscore                       Summer Pointscore                Club Championship 2012-13   

Long Wednesday Twilight           Short Wednesday Twilight 

Sternchaser                           Holman Trophy                            Christmas Series incl Berman trophy

Anniversary Regatta             Anniversary Regatta Race 2         Marathon



Results updated to: 23 June 2012     

Handicaps at start of Winter Series 2012

Winter Pointscore                Winter Sternchaser      Iceberg Offshore      Iceberg Inshore

Long Winter Twilights          Short Winter Twilights     Mid-winter Twilights


SUMMER 2011-2012

Results updated to : 28 Apr 2012

Spring & Summer Pointscore                          Sternchaser                Hood Trophy

Etchells Bucket Trophy                                   Sprints                        Marathon

 Wednesday Long Race                 Wednesday Short Race

 Jack Hollman Day                           Edna Burman Day              Christmas Series

(See Spring PS Race 4)                  (See Xmas series Race 1)